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We are the Chechen mob, with members in all countries. We kill, beat up and set fire to cars. Customers anonymously give orders and we assign these orders to trusted criminals near the area where the job is done. We have russian mafia members, italian members, spanish members and all kind of nationalities.

Our mission is to enable hundreds of customers to find criminals in their area easy and safe, without the risk of exposing themselves.

1. Users are anonymous, no meeting in person requested, no customer address, no customer name, hidden IP. Use a Privacy Tool to erase any traces on your computer.

2. The transaction is safer than the classic way. In the real world, the hitman can run away with the 50% cash advance payment that you are giving him before he does the murder. If he takes the money and run off, you can't do much about it. On Internet, you pay with Bitcoin through our Escrow service. The money is kept secure into your safe, and no one can use it without your secure private key. You pay only when the job is done.

Hire a killer easy, by providing the target information, while hiding your Ip. We will assign a hitman that already does jobs in the country where your target livess.

The Payment is to be done by Bitcoin, after the hit is successful. Bitcoin is an easy way to pay online, highly anonymous because the customer doesn't expose his credit card or bank account to our site. Bitcoin is the only payment method that keeps the customer and the vendor anonymous. Each job is done according to the customer requirements and we rely on satisfied users to spread the word.

When talking about a hired killer, most people imagine a slick assassin with a long sniper rifle waiting on a building. These exist but they are expensive and suitable for important hits. Most of the killing is done by gang members who use a handgun and a hooded jacket waiting for the victim in the parking lot. We can offer you smart assassins who make it look like an accident.

Why using a paid killer? Because is affordable, safe and allows you to get away with it. Make sure you are in a public place surrounded by people and friends when the murder is done, and no one will suspect you, if you follow simple rules.

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